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Recent news:
  • Added dark mode. Modern browsers should handle it, also MSIE 11 can (partially).
  • Tested on MSIE 11, Edge Chromium and Mozilla Firefox.
Info about this site:
  • Reinchelper is heavily based on Javascript, so it may or may not work with your browser.
Some details about this reinchelper:
  • There is only one primary guildtree with omicron guild, all others are just secondaries with alpha/gamma/bravo guilds.
  • Guilds, skills and spells are clickable. Click them to get help! (It works only if IoM is running)
  • Spellmax/skillmax listboxes can be modified, the button "max" sets the corresponding spell/skill to that level.
  • You can also change level of many spells, skills or both at once using checkboxes and "apply" button.
  • Red rows are abilities that already appeared in previous part of the guildtree(s).
  • Warning: Due to secondary guilds, there is no check in selecting the same ability more than once.
  • If you dont want to add the same ability more than once, better don't play with red rows at all!
  • You can hide/show these red rows as you wish and the hidden rows are reset.
  • Warning: Once you hit "update" guildtrees button, whole form will be reset!
  • This page can be saved and used offline, as long as you dont need to change selected guilds (not tested after adding dark mode).
  • When saving it offline, be sure to choose "full html" or something similar.
  • Some clients have a bug that prevents resetting the form, so save the page before you change any spell/skill.
  • If you notice any errors or weird behaviours, feel free to mudmail me details, maybe it can get fixed.
Enjoy. -Avenger the Retired One-